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Measles, Rubella, Congenital Rubella Syndrome ( CRS ) Updated Guidelines ( Date : 17/02/2017 )
Revised Guidelines for Clinical Management, Laboratory Investigation and Surveillance of Patients with Zika Virus Infection
Change of the Polio vaccination schedule : injectable Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV): Introduction of fractional dose IPV(fIPV)
Polio Switch Guidelines
Complete shifting of paper based Quarterly EPI Return to the web based Quarterly EPI Return (WEBIIS)
Guidelines for Clinical Management, Laboratory Investigation and Surveillance of Patients with Zika Virus Infection
Revised guidelines on Introduction of injectable Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV) to the National Immunization Programme

Revised Summery Guidelines for Clinical Management and Laboratory Investigation of Patients with Seasonal Influenza Virus Infection  (GCN : 02-78/2015 )

(  English /  Sinhala )

Change of the National Immunization Schedule : MMR / LJE Vaccination ( EPID/EPI/14/2015 )
Implementation of submission of web-based EPI quarterly return
Implementation of Birth Registration Module of the WEBIIS
Polio vaccination guidelines for travellers ( EPID/151/2014  Date:05/09/2014 )
Provision of safe water and controlling of communicable diseases during drought situation
General Circular on Establishment of Immunization Clinics in Hospitals
Summery Guidelines for Clinical Management of patients with Ebola Virus Disease ( EVD ) infection
Genaral Circular on Estublishment of Immunization Clinics in Hospitals (EPID/EPI/2/2014)
Summary Guidelines for Clinical Management of patients with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome –Corona Virus (MERS – CoV) infection
Elimination of Measles / Rubella / CRS by 2018 ( EPID/151/2011 Date:02/01/2014 )
Strengthening immunity in healthcare staff in eliminating measles by - 2018
Measles Supplementary Immunization Activity (SIA)  2013
Payment of Honorarium/Per Diem/Lecture fees to Resource Persons,Participants, Lecturers and other engaged in Meetings, Workshops, Training Programmes, Conferences, Seminars, Surveys and Fields Ministry of Health

Flood Circular 2017 : Public health measures to be adopted in the event of floods

Flood Circular 2012   :  Steps to be taken to prevent spread of comunicable disease resulting from floods ( Sinhala / English )

Guidelines for floods

Disease surveillance in flood affected areas

Guidelines for Paediatric Autopsies on Deaths Following Immunization ( GCN : 01-25/2012 )
Guidelines on Vaccination of Infants with Severe Congenital Heart Diseases ( GCN : 01-26/2012 )
Meningococcal Vaccination requirement for Travellers
Guidelines for Initial Management of Anaphylaxis at Field Settings ( GCN : 01-20/2001 )
Abolition of the need of certificate of Competency in the Administration of Injections by Public Health Inspectors and Public Health Midwives  ( GCN : 01-21/2009 )
Provision of Influenza A (H1N1) Vaccine in Sri Lanka / Guidelines on administration of Influenza A(H1N1) 2009 vaccine
Revised guidelines on instruction of live attenuated JE vaccine SA14-14-2(LJEV) to the National Immunization Programme ( GCN : 01-20/2010 )
Introduction of Live JE Vaccine in Sri Lanka
Implementation of open vial policy in National Immunization Programme ( GCN : 01-06/2005 )
OPV Immunization for Pilgrims to India ( National Poliomyelitis Eradication Initiative )
Introduction of Combined Pentavalent (DTP-Hep B-Hib) Vaccine into the EPI Programme
Re-introduction of Combined Pentavalent (DTP-Hep B-Hib) Vaccine into the EPI Programme ( GCN : 01-23/2009 )
Re-Commencement of Rubella Immunization Programme
Re-introduction of Rubella Vaccine into the Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) ( GCN : 01-44/2010 )
Guidelines on Immunization against tetanus ( GCN : 01-22/2010 )
Organizing and requesting participation of Government Public Health staff in training programmes organized by private pharmaceutical companies
Introduction of Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccine (MMRV) into the National Immunization Programme and changes to the National Immunization Schedule  ( GCN : 02-123/2011 )
National plan of action for prevention and control of Dengue Fever 2005 - 2009

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27-06-2011 to 29-06-2011 : எல்லா பதுளை மாவட்ட அரச சுகாதார களப் பணியாளர்களுக்குமான தடுப்பூசி பாதுகாப்பு மீதான பயிற்சி.


நோய்க் கண்காணிப்பு இணைய இணைப்பிற்குச் செல்கிறது.

நடைமுறை H399 (தொற்றுநோய்களின் வாராந்த தொகுப்பு) அடிப்படையிலான நோய்க் கண்காணிப்பு முறைமையானது இலங்கையின்...

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தடுப்பு தடுப்பூசி ஏற்பட்ட சில மணித்தியாலங்களில் ஐந்து மாதக் குழந்தையொன்று இறந்து விட்டதாக, புத்தளம் பிராந்திய நோய்ப்பரவுகைக்...

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